Saturday, November 23, 2013

Israel’s New Terror Threat From Gaza…..That Isn’t

Israel’s New Terror Threat From Gaza…..That Isn’t
Nov 22, 2013 | A Life in Gaza | Sally Idwedar

Israeli Occupation Forces claim Hamas has a new ‘weapon’ – TERROR BALLOONS! Yes you heard it right- balloons.
In an interview with Israel’s Channel 2, a senior IDF officer in the Southern Command said that Hamas has resolved to gather intelligence deep inside Israel, and not just on the border. To this end, the officer said, Hamas has also erected a line of poles to which they’ve attached balloons filled with helium and mounted with cameras.

The officer said that the observation balloons have alarming capability to collect intelligence on military and civilian movements in Israel. He said the IDF sees Hamas trying to expand its reconnaissance abilities to strengthen its offensive capacity, based on building its rocket arsenal and digging tunnels into Israel.

The officer said that Israel recently allowed a large shipment of helium gas into Gaza for civilian use, the transfer of which may be rescinded if the intended use is to fuel more spy balloons.
Here is a picture of the balloon they say is used for surveillance.

A Hamas observation balloon, photos of which were posted
to its official Facebook page. Photo: Screenshot / Channel 2.

So Israel, who has us under lock and key, who watches us day and night from their BILLION dollar technology including drones, satellites, Apaches & F-16′s is worried over about a few balloons? 

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