Thursday, November 28, 2013

Iran deal: Death blow to fraudsters

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Iran deal: Death blow to fraudsters
Nov 28, 2013 | Veterans Today | Gordon Duff

Despite the phone calls and bags of cash moving around Washington and New York, bribes for politicians and media alike, the nuclear deal with Iran is insanely popular, not just with the American people but the press as well.

Netanyahu is not just shocked, he is bordering on emotional collapse. Of course, none of this is tied to Israeli security. The threat is three-fold:
1. The myth that Iran was ever “a nuclear threat” has been dismantled.
2. Tens of billions in economic and military aid to Israel is threatened.
3. Key financial markets dependent on manipulating the threat of global war will no longer be able to “print money” based on vilifying Iran.
Exposing the Lie

During the next six months, as outlined in the current agreement between the 5+ 1 powers and Iran, inspectors will have increased access to facilities in Iran.

This group of inspectors will have the opportunity, not just to prove that Iran isn’t currently making weapons or involved in a process that “could” lead to nuclear weapons development, but to prove that no such program ever existed.

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