Friday, September 13, 2013

Critical Systems Alert: Vector Report 9:13:13

Critical Systems Alert: Vector Report 9:13:13

1. Propaganda in full gear; #1 Concern: Confirmations ISON size Unconfirmed (large tale near Jupiter, Apr 2013); Mars encounter Oct 1

2. Monetary system exposed; criminal PTB exposed; See disaster capitalism engaged

3. Manipulated Public still too high; programmed estimation: 60% based on M$M stupefying

4. Prepare for drill collapse propaganda or additional false flags as motive to engage new monetary systems (This is when a drill [bomb] is used until it is completed, then you are informed covertly it is also real)

5. ISON data manipulated; cannot determine incoming risk; contamination possible window Jan 2014

6. Fukushima permanent contamination being realized; U.S. degradation commencing, may have already been written off

7. TEOTWAWKI localities will be used similar to previous disasters; bewarned

8. Critical systems breakdown required on all media and hands on determinations

9. Status: Hold tight, do not comply, confirm online only for social control data

10. Second amendment stands; protect the innocent; watch the skies

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