Sunday, August 18, 2013

Vector Report Aug 18: 2013

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Vector Report Aug 18: 2013:

1. Planet X cataclysmic ISON overlays beginning to swarm on Youtube.
2. ISON anomalies appearing; baggage disclosure imminent.
3. UFOs and Area 51 Declassification encourages FOIA disclosures.
4. Galactic report on Planet Earth Psychosis revealed.
5. Violence clash/gang between coup military and proxy religion accelerating: Egypt, Syria.
6. M$M confirmed inside the toilet and real news handle beginning to flush.
7. Germany complicit as US unknown known Egyptian coup influenced by the Pro-Israeli-occupation in weapon sales.
8. Planetary life window beginning to close at or above equator as a point of no return.
9. Cataclysmic estimation ahead: 100% possibility
10. TEOTWAWKI this week: 42% possibility
(Note: The last two references are similar to weather, may the force be with you.)

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