Saturday, August 17, 2013

Propaganda Check: TSA on the Look-out for 'Breast Bombs'

TSA on the Look-out for 'Breast Bombs'
Aug 16, 2013 | TruthStream Media | Melissa Melton | Aaron Dykes

Is airport security checking you out? Apparently many of the 'terror experts' in Homeland Security and their counterparts think that 'breast bombs', 'butt bombs', 'belly bombs' and other implanted explosives are the next threat worth hyping. The vague and unsettling thought of such a threat sewn into the human body is now being used to legitimize ubiquitous TSA groping, scanning and lots of watching. Do any of their invasive and degrading procedures make us any safer? While their mission creep gets creepier every day, keep in mind that TSA has never caught a single terrorist, and that accidental deaths are statistically far more deadly than terrorism ever has been.

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