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JFK assassination a CIA coup d’état: German author

President John F, Kennedy was assassinated
on November 22, 1963
JFK assassination a CIA coup d’état: German author
Aug 21, 2013 | Press TV

A prominent German investigative journalist and author believes the assassination of former US president John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 was a coup d’état orchestrated by the CIA and the military which has been covered up to this day.

On occasion of the publication of his latest book, “JFK: Staatsstreich in Amerika” (“JFK: Coup d’état in America“), German author Mathias Broeckers has talked to The Global Research elaborating on his research into the crime.

“JFK had made definitive steps to end the Cold War. He had denied the involvement of the army in the Bay of Pigs invasion, which he had inherited from his predecessor, he had solved the missile crisis in Cuba through direct and secret contact with the Soviet-leader Khrushchev, he had ensured a nuclear test-stop with the Soviets, and he had ordered the withdrawal from Vietnam. All this against the will of the military, the CIA, and even against many members of his own administration,” Broeckers said.

Broeckers pointed out that many groups including the communists in Russia, China, Cuba, the Israelis because of “JFK’s dismissal of nukes in Israel,” and the Federal Reserve because of his idea for a new US dollar backed by silver, had motives to kill the president but “only the CIA and the military - and the FBI and the Johnson administration for the cover-up” had the means to carry out such an operation.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, several people who were stopped by the police showed “genuine looking Secret Service IDs,” but there were no real Secret Service men placed on the “grassy knoll” and the Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas where Kennedy was assassinated, the German journalist said.

“These IDs were fakes but the FBI and the Warren Commission didn’t investigate this at all. Only in the 80s it came out who was responsible for the printing of Secret Service IDs and passes at that time: it was the CIAs Technical Division, headed by Sydney Gottlieb of “MK Ultra” fame.”

The fact that this “deception” was not investigated for so many years, immediately brings the FBI into a “top-position of suspects”, Broeckers noted.

The German author further said that a crucial point regarding the cover-up of the assassination is the false autopsy report. “The ARRB (Assassination Records Review Board) established beyond any doubt that the autopsy and X-rays, which are in the National Archives, were doctored.”

The fake autopsy and X-rays were conducted at the Bethseda military hospital and under the supervision of Curtis LeMay, the Joint Air Force chief and one of Kennedy’s “keenest enemies,” Broeckers added.

The faked documents “which were presented to every investigator since then, are a main reason why the crazy magic bullet theory could hold for so long. Only the military, where these pics and X-rays were taken, was able to arrange these fakes and place them in the archives.”

A strong motive for the CIA to want Kennedy out of the way, according to Broeckers, was that the former president sought to reform the spy agency.

“Since the CIA’s ‘father’ Allen Dulles was a Wall Street lawyer and his brother John Foster ran the foreign policy, covert operations were a family business done by the Dulles Brothers and their clients on Wall Street. This is what JFK tried to finish and what marked him to death.”

The Associated Press reports that researchers are demanding the CIA to declassify documents detailing what the government knew about Kennedy’s accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, before the assassination.

Several hundred of the still-classified pages, according to AP, concern CIA operative, “George Joannides, whose activities just before the assassination and, fascinatingly, during a government investigation years later, have tantalized researchers for years.”

Joannides left the CIA in 1979 and died in March 1990. 


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  1. Thank God for the foreign press. If we only had Bill O'Reilly, we'd be sunk! Of course this was a coup d'etat that started with the military industrial complex, working its way through the Joint Chiefs of Staff and CIA.Those who continue to accept the Oswald Lone Gunman theory and Warren Commission simply haven't bothered to read any of the research that has been presented since then.