Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Israel behind violence in Syria: Madsen

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Israel behind violence in Syria: Madsen
Aug 27, 2013 | Press TV

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen says Israel is behind the scenes to foment violence in Syria because toppling of President Bashar al-Assad is in the interests of Tel Aviv.

“This is all time that the Israelis are really playing a lot of games behind the scenes to foment violence in Syria and if we see Assad’s overthrown,” he told Press TV on Tuesday.

“I don’t think they have to worry at all about al-Qaeda elements coming to power in Damascus because al-Qaeda has never had a problem with the Israelis,” Madsen added.

He also noted that a coalition, largely consists of the United States, Britain, Turkey, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel are behind the possible military action in Syria as they were behind similar interventions in Iraq and Libya.

“Israel is playing a very hidden hand not only in Syria, but only trying to stoke tensions now in neighboring Lebanon,” Madsen said.

The United States is getting closer to military action in Syria after Secretary of State John Kerry accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons.

Following Kerry’s statement, US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power repeated the same allegations against Syria.

However, Syria said on Tuesday that Kerry's insistence on "jumping over" the work of UN experts, who are in Syria to investigate last week’s chemical attack, shows that Washington has deliberate intentions to exploit events.


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