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Five Easy Steps to Help You Stop Watching Television that Actually Work

Five Easy Steps to Help You Stop Watching Television that Actually Work

By R. Mark Sink

If you're like any American who has long been programmed by television and exposed to the "signal," disruption, you are thoroughly addicted, and as with all addictions, the only way to rid yourself of it is through hard work and weaning yourself from it.

This is what keeps you watching and because many are just not willing to give up an addiction because it is addicting. That is the case and my experience serves as an example.

Back in the 90s, I quit watching commericals, and as many are aware, we all mute them while keeping our addictions in place. I had kept my cable TV hooked up at great expense finally to realize the waste involved just for the privilage to watch movies, of which, was the only entertainment I was interested in. News had been dumped long before this time, however, the Internet was slowly but surely beginning to replace this need, first as a formal learning, and then to a bonafide venue that was truly educational.

Here are five ways you can stop watching television and rid yourself of the programming.

1. First, realize that YOU are not in charge, and that your mind is tricking you into keeping things you really don't want, but you have been trained to succumb to through years of programming. Once you realize YOU are being controlled, and that what you're dealing with is strictly an ADDICTION, nothing else, you can begin to remove it.

2. Once you have finally given it up and realized you're a druggy, you're chances are greatly improved. To kill the addiction, you must replace it, and the best replacement is reading. If you can't afford books, then try the Internet, create a YouTube account, and begin following those who are busy replacing the old systems and avoid the "signals," of hard sells and profits as priority over the relationship. This relationship is going to become known soon after you have completed step one.

3. Now you have started to move away from watching, and avoid venues that have televisions on in your presence. You have begun to explore new relationships and are beginning to realize what was actually occurring and can begin to explain to others how you felt. It was an addiction but a strange one, one that was actually a relationship with an unknown entity you may have assumed was a particular channel or a particular show, when this was not the case. One of the last types of broadcast I would spend my precious time watching were old movies. I spent a few years watching them until about 2007, and I eventually disconnected my cable forever. However, what I learned about how movies were made and for what reasons were helpful to me because I had already stopped watching all forms of advertising including magazines, and any type of print media that included it. If there was a brand name, I had never heard of it, and it was completely meaningless to me.

4. If you are single like me, it will be much harder to accomplish this it would seem, however, that may be untrue as a partner could make it much more difficult to accomplish. I say this because the addiction is like a relationship that one does not want to let go of because one does not realize how the addiction is working. But if you've made it this far, you are now going to define this relationship, and you are going to give it a name, and that name is called learning. Some call this education.

5. You are now going to realize the truth, and that truth is that life is actually a process of learning that continues throughout your entire lifetime, and the relationship that you had previosuly been addicted to was a replacement for that process, and something to keep you pacified, and not willing to realize your true nature, that being that we're not really that smart, and not that clever. We are quite vulnerable, and quite willing.

Ask yourself who is learning? Is that you or is that a corporation who has intentions preset for you?

Some of you will immediately set fire to #2 and #3 and deny them.

This simply means you're still at step one and what you learn is made for you and not by you.

Transformation is occurring on a grand scale, and war is a good distraction to keep evil going and blurting out lies as programming intended to pacify consumers, or those locked in for life.



About the Author

 R. Mark Sink has a history of research in etymology and the esoteric sciences. Check out his reanimation sequencing here. Contact him here, and you may follow him on Twitter here. (Randy) is currently working on and with project awakening.

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