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Think strategies buried inside the English mesarch

Think strategies buried inside the English mesarch

By R. Mark Sink

Every once in a while, we discover something and realize a significance that offers genuine insight into how our minds have been constructed by language, and the bearings that lie beneath its vail. In the English language root etymology, the letter E tells a story of evolution based on the theory developed by men on Earth. Fortunately, this also reveals the dynamics of creation, and they are combined into the story.

The very last agent included from E in the AHD confirms the relationship left over from dwo- (two), and describes the essence of the universe by introducing the notion of an old version of thought referred to as a "calling bird." To begin the story, we see a strong notion of food, which is in fact, rocks, that is to say, both a sense of the moon, and a sense of comets, or asteroids as our ending. If you don't think the moon is powerful, just ask a woman how powerful the moon is. We end up with what is described as a "gnawing care," relationship between creation, and evolution.

In the first two agents below, something occurs and a recognition is formed, later described as "planet," where (g) has been placed as a correlative notion to gravity, and how this will be perceived. The relationship portrays an "outside and inside," understanding.

Analecta: Cognitive Infiltration

1. 17-anodyne-comedo-comestible-eat-edacious-edible-escarole-esculent-esurient-etch-fret-obese-ort2-pleurodynia-prandial-samoyed-et-ed- To eat; originally meaning "to bite" [Pokorny ed- 287, carbohydrate] (ort1 - ud-)

Analecta: The Shinning - Sense

2. 2-ego-I-et-eg. I. Nominative form of the personal pronoun of the first person singular. For oblique forms see me-1. [Pokorny eĝ- 291, carnal]

The analecta were some of my earlier feelings associating forces, although they are abstract and cannot be used for any validation, some appear quite helpful at times in determining a valid route, one that assumes orbit. A quarter of the distance to our closest star lies the hypothesized ort cloud, and we may have some of our beginnings tied to these wanderers embedded within our language. Their sense is adjusted it seems and moved to another agent where its hubris is formed along with wanton violence. It is suggested this movement associates the three-brained beings, or those who are absent self-remembering consciousness. This is what has seemed to prevail over mankind throughout the centuries.

This new egor is an extremist in every sense in that it assumes a stance of 'out over in,' instead of 'in over out,' such as in the samizdat which explains the latter. The continued 'out over in," is simply to hide what iz is up too, that being what is within, and the preferred notion of the relationship as described in the next two agents.

3.15-ecto-eisteddfod4-electury1-eschatology-ex-exo-exoteric-exotic-exterior-external-extra-extreme-samizdat2-strange-synecdoche1-et-eghs. Out (eisteddfod1 - sed-) (eisteddfod2 - bheuə-)  (eisteddfod3 - de-) (electury2 -leigh-)  (samizdat1 - sem-1-) (samizdat3 - dō-) (synecdoche2 - dek-) [Pokorny eĝhs 292, carnal knowledge]

Reference: Eisteddfod3 and eisteddfod4 are listed in the Appendix under these agents, however they are not addressed in the definition, only eisteddfod1 and eisteddfod2 are addressed.

4. 1-inebriate-et-ēghws- to drink, Latin ēbrius, drunk; (see s(w)e-) Latin compound sōbrius (sē, without)

Not only is this strange, it is quite revealing. The fourth eisteddfod is a key to solving the puzzle which had been omitted from the AHD as a reference, and only buried within the stem dictation. We are now apparently aware of various levels of density, or what some refer to as dimension. That is coming up soon, but it is not apparent. What we have here is how this original relationship will be toyed with, as with the example of the synecdoche, and which will hide certain aspects which will confuse our interpretations.

If we examine both what became of gravity, and what we perceive as time, we may begin to see how this has been arranged. In looking at etymological sequencing, there appears a relationship between certain letters with their starting agent and ending agent. One that appears significant is the letter D, which begins with the agent de- and ends with dwo- two. This duality relationship is gravity, and the agent de- is a sign post for this feeling. Time is also being placed here with the 2nd and last eisteddfods, which seem as mirrors as though with the first and third. These correlations don't prove anything, they reveal possibilities hidden within us that when considered may enlighten our ability to understand our origins and sustainability as a living species.

In the next two agents, an argument appears about the difference between magnetism and gravity which obscures a possible more precise determination associating electricity and what becomes velocity overlaying the dual relationship.

Analecta: Hydrogen - The shadow

5. 35-adit-ambient-anion-cation-circuit-coitis-comitia-commence-concomitant-constable1-count2-county-dysprosium-errant-exit-eyre-hinayana2-initial-initiate-introit-ion-issue-itinerant-itenerary-janitor-january-janus-mahayana2-obituary-perish-praetor-preterit2-sedition1-sudden-transient2-et-ei- To go (constable2- sta-) (count1 - peu-) (hinayana1- ghē-) (mahayana1 - meg-) (preterit1- per-1-) (sedition1- s(w)e-) (transient1 - terə-2-) [Pokorny 1. ei- 293, carpus]

Analecta: Law of one - The kiss

6. 5-fraught-freight-ought-owe-own-et-ēik- To be master of, possess [Pokorny ēik- 298, caste]

In (#5), you'll notice the word obituary, here again, this has taken on the sense of the outside as cover, and one can sense how the Earth is going to get very cloudy. We see that gravity has been hung on a cross in (#6), and things soon become inconvenient consequences. What may have once been obsession with 'out over in,' morphs into electromagnetism which is called the 'hour,' and is referred to as the "holy metal."

Is gravity only a dual relationship? Is that what is hiding in our astral body? Is this why we have people telling us this duality is a problem? Are we to take fraught and own and squeeze them together? Can we remove sections of time? It may be said, when it comes to direction, the holy metal may be working overtime. This electromagnetic influence is primary to the moon.

In knowing that, it could be said that the moon orbits the earth in a particular way in which the Earth orbits the sun so that it reflects that relationship, that is to say, the moon sets the tone. With (#5) above, there arises many questions concerning what is exactly being perceived. Why is the word "count," divided into two roots? In the agent above, it is referred to as a type of nobility.

Is this a reference to again a formation of navigation? Yes, it seems so, and that is a reference to vertical and horizontal, a beginning point that separates densities of beings, and may be called hieroglyphic.

Analecta: Acceleration

7. 13-estrus-hierarch-hierarchy-hieratic-hiero-hieroglyphic1-hierophant1-irascible-irate-ire-iron-gisarme-spiegeleisen-et-eis- In words denoting passion (hieroglyphic2- gleubh-) (hierophant2 - bhā-1-) [Pokorny 1.eis- 299, caster]

We now have an element, so things do seem to be much more complicated. Let's just say, identifying a core element will require that the element already exist is some form. The hierophant is certainly hinting that something strange is going on between the concepts of out/in and up/down. With those four concepts we may have a type of house of which all things are formed, inclusive of length that would be considered time, which man gives two symbols for because he can't solve the above quandary, one (s) meaning second, and (m) meaning meter.

When mass begins to take form, as in the agent ed-, eat, we see again the notion of this problem. However, never fear, as nature can provide examples of what has been stolen. First, and foremost, out/in and up/down are described in perfection so that the neurons intercepting the phenomena can correlate a demeanor for conscience which will then be classified and given a name.

Analecta: Sea horse - Pollinator

8. 10-eohippus-equestrian-equine-equisetum-equitant-hippocampus-hippocrene-hypodrome-hippogriff-hippopotamus1-et-ekwo- Horse (hippopotamus2 - pet-) [Pokorny ekuo-s 301, catastasis]

9. 4-elbow-ell-olecranon1-ulna-et-el- Elbow, forearm (olecranon2 - ker-1) [Pokorny 8. el- 307, ceilidh]

Up/down is followed by out/in relationships, and it seems the first is called emotions. That would signify that as the Earth formed, this was a stigma for the axis of Earth, as with the connection to the Capricorn root ker-1. It may be here that we have all been sacrificed on the cross of time. To keep you from discovery this, emotions is thought of as a menu, and moved into the last sections of M, near the end, and stripped of source data. It may then follow a cloak of mass that women are forced to wear in order to hide the moon, or may take on many new and unethical forms, all to keep any truce at bay.

We are now presented with two scenarios, one in which emotions engages a carriage without recognition, and one with recognition. The formation of ire in (#7) also takes on a new form, and that form is called irrational, and a sense of Pi is embedded within a construct where gravity is defined first in loose terms followed by conditions that journey through a type of doorway.

10. 13-ademption-assume-consume-example-peremptory-preemption-premium-presume-prompt-redeem-resume-subsume-sumptuary-vintage-et-em- To take, distribute [Pokorny em- 310, centaur] Additions: exemplary; exemplify; exemplum; exempt; impromptu; ransom; redemption; sample; sumptuous

Analecta: Cosmos - Cerebellum

11. 38-ben-bilander1-dedans-dysentary-en-endo-enkephalin1-entero-enteron-ento-entrails-episode-esoteric-exenterate-in1-indigent-industry1-inn-inter2-interim-interior-internal-intestine-intima-intimate-intine-intra-intrinsic-intro-introduce1-introit1-intromit-introrse1-introspect1-intussusception1-mesentery-parenchyma1-parenthesis1-tsimmes2-et-en- In (bilander2 - lendh-) (enkephalin2 - ghebh-) (in2 - ne) (industry2 - sker-2) (inter1 - ters) (introduce2 - deuk-) (introit2 - ei-) (introrse2 - wer-2) (introspect2 -
spek-) (intussusception2 - kap-) (parenchyma2 - gheu-) (parenthesis2 - dhē-) (tsimmes1 - de-) (tsimmes3 - bheid-) [Pokorny 1. en 311, center of mass]
Reference: The word "industry," was added in the Appendix to the agent above. It's history was originally (1475) associated with "structure," or "skill," and eventually led to habitual employment through the Industrial Revolution. Strangely, it is rooted in an agent that portrays a virus.
It seems the first agent which claims a carriage is also red blood, which is capable of reading light and motion. While the second agent is picking up on the white blood cells which detect infection. However, according to the electromagnetic spectrum, the holy metal would have to be something called frequency, or charge particles which hints of an electric universe. If one decides to become aware of recognition, one can do so, and to recognize the carriage that truly must exist. Are our emotions to be distributed, and made into vintage sold for a premium?

We are told that emotions are to be "pushed away," but do you believe it? Of course not, this may be another trick to set in a formation called East and West which will be defined as "to be in motion," then classified as "momentum," which then will set the tone outlined above to acceleration leading to default. It is as though, the carriage is weaving from side to side, about to roll over.

On occasions, the sense of the carriage and the doorway beckons not to consume, but to know, and it may be that possession of this whether aware or not, may be (s)ought. The forms out/over/up are set at agents ud-, while a reduced form that signifies all three is following. It has a secret name called diameter.

Analecta: Amygdala - Inflection

12. 5-epi-ob-oblast1-opisthobranch-opisthognathous-et-epi- Near, at, against (oblast2 - wal-) [Pokorny epi 322, chariot]

This sense was used it seems to manifest two forms of radiation, one that signified the holy metal, and that this metal would have orientation.

Analecta: Time and space

13. 7-abort-are-art2-earnest-hormone-orient-origin-et-er-1- To move, set in motion (art1 - ar-) [Pokorny 3. er- 326; ergh- 329, least flycatcher, chervil]

14.3-aardvark1-aardwolf1-earth-et-er-2- Earth, ground (aardvark2 - porko) (aardwolf2 - wlkwo-) [Pokorny 4. er- 332, child]

In this construct we find no hint of any bombs, or explosions, or big bangs, rather, a formation of thought describing both observation and series (ser1-2) which aligns again the ud- conversion and peculiar language of inertia.

As acceleration rises to the equinoxes, humanoids have given this name as Russian. But, there is much more to reveal and this is called seasons which are caused by something called the oar, or Earth slant plugged in. (see here.)

15. 7-bireme-remex-row-rudder-russian-trierarch-trireme-et-erə- To row [Pokorny 1. er- 332, child restraint]

The slant of Earth is also associated with climate/climax it is thought, or it may be that our recognition of the seasons has been set to some frequency where when the seasons don't seem to be orientated, our senses are sent a signal as warning. Two references are made in the stem diction in (#12), the first referring to a definition for the agent sed- as to "press tight," and the second from the agent wer-4- which carries the word "warn."

In order for human to sense day and night, this would require a very subtle division between dark and light, and these would have valid senses, one for the dark, and one for the light. This should mean that Earth also experienced this same event horizon, if you will, a recognition of both sets of dynamics mentioned, one that felt orbit (skin), and one that experienced the agent el- above which described the passage of primes associated to density and the wandering of emotions over the Earth.

Analecta: Magnetism - Proto

16. 7-aberration-err-erratic-erratum-erroneous-error-race-et-ers- To be in motion [Pokorny 2. ere-s- 336, choice]

Analecta: Garden - Innate

17. 20-absent-am-bodhisattva2-entity-essence-homoiousian-interest-is-ont-onto-ossia-parousia-present-proud-satyagraha1-sin-sooth-soothe-suttie-yes1-et-es- To be  (bodhisattva1 - bheudh-) (satyagraha2 - ghrebh-1-) (yes2 - i-) [Pokorny es- 340, chrestomathy] See extension (e)su-.

The recognition of light is not just skin, but seemingly part of the axioms of life which has places for the fantastic four now outlined. This concludes our test flight with the final four agents which miraculously describe the current conditions known as strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetism, and finally the secret of the universe, gravity.

Again, you will notice that electromagnetism has been influenced by the moon.

18. 1-eu-et-(e)su- Good [Pokorny esu-s 342, Circe]

Analecta: The serpent - Disposition

19. 3-endue-exuviae-reduviid-et-eu-1- To dress [Pokorny 2. eu- 346, cinquefoil] See extension wes-2-.

20. 14-evacuate-devastate-vacant-vacate-vacation-vacuum-vain-vanish-vanity-vaunt-void-wane-want-waste-et-eu-2- Lacking, empty. Extended forms *euə-, *wā-, *wə-. [Pokorny 1. eu- 345, cilium]

Analecta: Second sense

21. 2-exuberate-udder-et-euə-dh-r. udder Related to wē-r-. Additions: exuberant

The added influence triggers wes-2, which is the himation, also the Avatar, which manifests the skin of Earth, which I conclude is a goddess in Greek mythology called Circe. Here, a sign of the squeeze would be left for those hunter gatherers. It may be that Circe transformed Odysseus' men into swine as a sign of man's three-brained pattern on Earth of sleep, work, off.

However the case may be with both evolution and creation, it has more than often been the howling of the moon for the greedy witches of the West and East. It's funny, energy itself is as we know electromagnetism, yet this has no meaning. Only the charge particles have meaning, so there must be more to this light then we have been led to believe.

It would seem that agent (#20) is rather some type of wave as they address the observer, which would mean that the universe was a complete hoax, and could be folded, among others unknown thoughts which have yet to be found. In all, and more it seems, we have been given a great opportunity to feed knowledge and to nurture that relationship as an expression of the life-force. And not to destroy life as pigs which proves nothing at all. This only confirms a bad experiment with an indigent horse named ed- for all who journey through the same barn door which we call life.

In that doorway is a form of thought, like the squeeze in the Andromeda Strain, it continues to defy logic.

About the Author

R. Mark Sink has a history of research in etymology and the esoteric sciences. Check out his reanimation sequencing here. Contact him here, and you may follow him on Twitter here.

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