Friday, May 24, 2013

Revolution Come

Revolution Come
May 24, 2013 | Les Visible

Virtue, Integrity When the Revolution Come

Les Visible:

Day follows day and the relentless and aggressive march of ignorance continues. Rank after rank of cinderblock heads, bobbing Nodwells and cynical outriders moving in lockstep, on and on; the slow motion waltz of mesmerized mutants continues. Have they always been like this? In elder days one could understand, perhaps, when there was no real media to set the course of collective delusion and information traveled by proclamation and rumor, with most of the intel in the hands of the organized church. Today there is no real excuse except for perpetual dupedom and cowardice seeking approval and a pat on the head from the blood swilling undead.

Disinfo is a growth industry but then so is cancer. One of the big cap guns is Mr. Smarmy himself, Bill Maher. As a card carrying Tribe member, Bill is at the workbench, fashioning sculptures from compressed bullshit, for the edification and entertainment of the terminally befuddled (be sure to read the comments section- stand, or sit, transfixed in awe at the viral denial ...and be sure to add your take). I remember the Billster making an aside one time to a panelist sitting next to him, where he said something to the effect of "they say it's the moneychangers who are the problem and you know who they mean when they say moneychangers". We can safely assume he is here talking about his Ashe-NAZI cousins who, usually, with few exceptions, swell the ranks of the moneychangers, money printers, money junkies, economy destroyers, warmakers for profit and, I could go on and on, like the eternal sea, which is always the sea, except when it is the pending rain or streams and rivers, returning to the sea.. As it was, so it is, theft and prevarication without end.

There are logistical concerns, when one is engaged in drafting the architecture of wider war in The Middle East. As the parrots squawk and the chipmunks talk, the vampire bankers plot and scheme; "How can we accomplish this evil dream"? "How do we 'getter done'"? "How do we destroy all that is good and possible, in order to triumph in a wasteland that is ours alone"? "Is this lettuce crisp? Where is my cellphone"?

Along with the startling emergence of a myriad of bizarre sexual expressions, as well as the looming approach of cannibalism, there is the specter of a pandemic, suicide epidemic. Those of us versed in certain tantric perspectives about existence, are aware of the fact that nearly everything has a sexual connotation; not as Freud expressed it. Most of his theories only applied to Tribe behaviorisms. In any case, when things begin to go very wrong in human affairs and interactions, it is a given that sexual dysfunction and perversity will be The Daily Special at Chez Merde.

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