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Manufacturing the Perfect Frankenbody Enterprise: Killer Neighbor

From the film "2001 Space Odyssey"
Manufacturing the Perfect Frankenbody Enterprise: Killer Neighbor

By R. Mark Sink

The history of money, now known as (fiat, neighbor, bondage, physics) would certainly be a long story, however, when studying our own language of which many people are seemingly using, we find that the creation of money goes hand and hand with killing exclusively. Was the creating of money based on killing? It would seem so.

If we begin with the initial roots of the English language, we can begin to sense this truth and how that has played out over history. Let's begin by telling the story by making the characters (us, you, me) as the allegory intended, something that is seemingly fictitious, which is true in some sense. We'll walk through the first 32 agents of A and tell the story.

1. Long ago, man created the aid, which would become the adjuvant for human interaction although this original sense may have died.

2. This became the agent of death which seemed agile, and even a stratagem for the synagogue, a kind of levigate of sorts, and seemingly weighty, where worthiness and like value were throwing a dark caste in the mystagogue. This fumigation of the act would be worn by those who became the protagonists that would transact with others.

3. However, this was not enough to keep death in the hands of the beholder, for these transactions needed a nest and something that would ensure those who were able to kill others, did not realize their failures and this was called "day or dies."

4. This gave death great power as money, for now it could be measured for time and space, such as the acre which was thought to be a wild field where death and money could grow together. This was then thought to be similar to an external parasiticide called the stavesacre where the seeds were considered poison.

5. Now, since death and money were one, the notion of desire is born and put to use by those who seek this specious desire.

6. The aye and the nay become powerful and are given many names, not labeled directly as evil, but medieval, and thought of as the "thing," for persons and places who wore the coeval for which would be defined as the aught, meaning anything, ever a creature."

7. But this did not solve the problems death had diguising itself as money, for in order for all mankind to fall into this bottomless pit, death and money would have to take form and become acute like an ear of grain and it would be here that the poison seed would be refined and considered an acronym which would be the hammer for the stony vaults of heaven.

8. Since death and money couldn't go to heaven, this would drive men mad in order to claim its evil prize as afterthought. But the history of this phenemena was hiding much more. Man had lost his way not realizing why his own neurons fired and how that could affect him, or why and how those firings were manifest and what great miracles had long ago formed on his ball in space. Man now would praise death/money and sit upon it to deliver his daily load, which was washed away into his sewer requiring he feed on it throughout his entire life.

9. Death and money would now take on some of the characters man played in his illusion. Death (killing) would be considered "beyond," and alarming. It would be like the reptile for the ultimate altercation, and the parallel universe in the brain.

10. Money, on the other hand, would grow and be nourished, and be representative of the elder and the alimony which coalesced the relationship with the exalted proliferation of humans and little forms of death where the killing was called the proletarian, who would be told they did not possess death and money and they would be sold for it.

11. Man's slavery had begun, and it was considered for all that would become death and money as their soul.

12. The daub appearance which rushed into the hearts of men was thought ghostly, and thus they were considered albumen, who would soon be given task to perform to ensure Satan was well fed. Now, there was no distinguishing them from one another, and Satan began his reign on earth.

13. Many now would become intoxicated by this ale thought related to sorcery not knowing which came first.

14. Satan is released to ambulate upon earth and beleaguer man and woman and to egg them on for his continued reign.

15. Now, death/money were considered turned on, they were alike, amiss, and had a rate of onslaught in the amount designated.

16. However, this onslaught needed a name that would not be recognized for its true name, the beast. It would simply be called an animal in which man himself created.

17. Man would embrace the beast of Satan as his master, and here the splinter in the mind would be placed where anger would now have a healthy nest to grow more insecticide for the soul.

18. The bug spray was called the Aesir, it was both a demon and a spirit. It's origin is now recorded as the Old Norse ass, meaning god. Eastern dialects would seperate death and money again, but that did not stop what was coming. The fact that these two evils could be separated without the knowledge of the slaves was about to take on a new face in the book of time.

19. Death would now be placed behind man, while money left in front, and forming many senses, one in particular. When each human is born, they are dead and when they actually die, their money is left behind. With this construct, man was his own end, an antique, and this was also given a name. It has been called the anti-Christ which elopes the senses.

20. The mystagogue between killing and money would become the escape, and many would turn back time (animate) as sacrificial passage literally taking other slaves along with them in their postmortems, often perceived as palaces which were the enantiomorphic solution. It has come time for man to insert these powers into the tongue of all who used it, it would be death and money that would be abolished. This dispose hid the theft that is occurring, and the touchings of the thigh.

21. Transposed from this placement was born the idea that killing and money must be moved to other concepts, man had only been killing each other for things they needed previously, but this was going to need cover, a sort of armillary sphere of influence that would obtain the hatred needed for Satan to continue his reign. Here, no valid names of what this really was were given, only properties pertaining to harmony, order, reason, ratio, and arithmetic. The truer nature of this preposition was that of the concept of matter, and this would become the Christian travesty of rites.

22. Knowing that matter is charged particles, this picked up a few notions: argue; arginine, meaning brilliant, and bright-shining. Much confusion would exist surrounding this concept, but the paramount notion would remain which came in handy in Gregorian terms where the ember and the day were united and called by name, "deposit."

23. In this new kiln was the glow, and to protect the guilty, the names have been changed to such as: arson, or arid, and implying that the posture formed rids the soul of its crime. These animal sacrifices would be the beginning of what is called mass. From here, matter would be weighted and sold, while its truer nature would be called food.

24. The doorway is formed, one that life feeds upon in order for sustenance which is blackened by the fire of time as the annals of mass.

25. Having been born as dead weight, the atrocious body will now walk about and smoke from the hearth will escape.

26. The frankenbody will assume perception and be able to hear the relationship between being dead, and the illusion of feelings of shiny money which are the daisies handed to the bribe with the words "obey."

27. When the frankenbody is said to tilt one way for a while, then to be tilting the other way for a while, its shine is augmented, thus increasing the amount of waist it produces. This augur is said to support the shine relationship.

28. Where the extended tilt exists we have what is called the aurora, or inert motion of earth called east, an auxiliary notion of austere, something that has no ornamentation, there is no way to feel east, and the littlier frankenbodies are given another name called chicken.

29. However, some life on earth is not perceived as death/money, rather it might be as life and honey, and this was called the bird. These beasts of the earth, not knowing that matter has been shined, live perfectly normal lives upon earth as the aviators.

30. These beasts were called the adults of the species who carried the golden eggs man would endulge upon atavistically as had been known before, spreading the disease over the entire now bonafide frankenplanet.

31. This caused many problems, someone would surely notice that the years were not right, so a plan was devised. Having shined nearly all Easter eggs or dies, there were a few that needed adjusting, and this was project "early." Once these last few chips were in place, the sensible world would be invisible, and death would join with life as one.

32. Upon birth, each living being was issued an ERA which was a contract they signed in a previous time, and the words said, "error in a, try again." Those who thought this was an IRA were thoroughly fooled in the forecourt.

That concludes the letter A in root etymology with each root agent number as is in the AHD published in 1996. The words in parenthesis are from or directly associated with the agents listed. They begin with aid, and amount, and end with a metal, copper, or bronze associating money as the formal time.

If each second of our life is associated as this unholy metal, then life is by all means chosen as death itself. It's name is called bacteria.

This sycophant does not evolve, it screams the cacophonous contraband of death/money as one anthem, and covets the relationship. Those aesthetic to time as death, and those stoic as the food, will not hear the elephant call or the stampede approaching. It is thought that the stoic refrains from emotions, but what if the frankenbody does not recognize it is the food hiding emotion, how would you know the difference?

If the stoic is the food hiding the emotions, it has a name too. This is called the state. This is now altered. It was the neighbor who was killed long ago.


Root of A
About the Author

R. Mark Sink has a history of research in etymology and the esoteric sciences. Check out his reanimation sequencing here. Contact him here, and you may follow him on Twitter here.

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