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Cracking Open the Trojan Horse, to See What's Inside

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Detail from The Procession
of the Trojan Horse in Troy by
Domenico Tiepolo (1773),
inspired by Virgil's Aeneid
Cracking Open the Trojan Horse, to See What's Inside

By R. Mark Sink

I had just wrote a short piece on the letter E here, and when thinking a bit more about its significance, I was studying the placement of absolute which is a backass associated force of authoritarianism, and I found something most peculiar concerning the elevation of W. In the AHD which was published back in 1996, the appendix references quite a few stems in this manner. However, in the letter L, there is only one, and when you plug in the moon and the sun into that agent, you can immediately sense the moon on one side, and the sun on the other side of the sequence that has been recorded.

It was George Gurdjieff that instilled the idea that to understand the cosmos, it would be primary to learning the secrets of the planets, and to focus on the moon, earth, and sun. Here we have finally confirmed at least one valid use of the elevation of W, which certainly raises many more fascinating questions.

In the forming of the idea of the Trojan horse, we travel into the walls of Troy to observe the moon and the sun come together.

Analecta: Greedy - Spellbinder

13. 5-delinquent-eclipse-lend-loan-relinquish-et-leikw- To leave [Pokorny leiku- 669, feeling]

The elevation of W is an obvious marker for this stigma, as no other elevation occurs in this letter. On the side that portrays the sun, the reader will immediately notice a sense of good being formed, while on the moon side, a form of debauchery suggesting that it is bad. What is missing from (#13) above is the way in which the loan is being referenced for two additional agents (oi-no- and dwo-) which are referencing the number eleven and the number twelve suggesting the rotation of the moon in associating Gregorian dogmas already in place.

So, that brought up more questions, and it looking over the agents carefully, I noticed something else that seemed completely shocking. If you begin with the first agent and think about each Arabic number sequence as they are, you'll will also feel a type of description for that number as it stands in mathematics, and its primal relationships. It almost seemed completely nuts when I noticed it, but it does seem to leave a strong notion of the relationships these numbers have with the words listed in the agents. They go from 1 up to 27, which did not seem to be that important, although, each one that is a prime is quite interesting.

With this additional notion, the moon and the sun can also be compared for each agent to learn more. I have updated the page for letter L, and added these references for number senses. it looks like the letter L as a notion of the Trojan horse will need some more cracking. At least now, when you inspect it yourself, you will be able to determine that in fact, it is more than likely reanimation of the actual Arabic numerals themselves which are interpreted as words. I don't necessarily see this pattern occurring elsewhere, but it is worth noting that tendency.


References for prime numbers: http://intellectualcenter.blogspot.com/2013/05/what-is-prime-number.html

This is going to feel a little strange...
Updated root page: http://knowingtest.blogspot.com/p/letters-m-l-k.html#Trojan%20horse

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R. Mark Sink has a history of research in etymology and the esoteric sciences. Check out his reanimation sequencing here. Contact him here, and you may follow him on Twitter here.

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