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Selective Empathy and Psychopaths in Power

© Massoud Hossaini
Aftermath of a shrine bomb in Kabul,
Afghanistan that killed sixty-three people.
The bomb was a direct result of the illegal
US occupation of that country.
Selective Empathy and Psychopaths in Power
Apr 29, 2013 | Signs of the Times | Lisa Giuliani

Every night as I lay my head down to sleep, I think of all those who do not have the luxury of doing so. Those sleepy folks in so many faraway places who can't afford to close their eyes because they have to keep a vigilant watch over their families, homes, streets and neighborhoods. People who are constantly kept on a razor's edge of anxiety and fear. People very directly being oppressed, occupied and attacked, living a nightmare reality most here in the West cannot even fathom.

And I know these people can't afford to close their eyes because of the actions of psychopaths in power in governments that allegedly represent whole populations of people. They cannot get a decent restful night's sleep because they don't know if their eyes - or the eyes of their children, their parents, etc...will open tomorrow.

They can't afford to shut their eyelids because soldiers are stalking their streets and invading their homes on a daily basis and yanking them out into the darkness. Americans mostly have no clue about so many of the things and peoples they claim to 'hate' because they mostly just adopt the attitudes and opinions of those who feed them propaganda and opinion parading as fact and truth. For a people who mostly have not a clue about the reality of the situation with respect to current events, past events, Middle East events, or events pretty much anywhere you can stick a pin on a map, Americans sure do seem to bitch and moan a lot about 'events' and 'foreigners' and 'Islamic terrorists' and 'Muslims'.

Much bitching can be heard coming from the West, but where is any real awareness of the gravity of the overall world situation from the mass majority? One doesn't have to work very hard to discover that more often than not, there is also practically zero curiosity from 'Joe Q. Public' to know the details of what's happening.

Nobody wants to know because it's easier to ignore the murder when one pretends the murder isn't happening. Or, if they know, they justify it by parroting back the spoon-fed propaganda so liberally dished out via the mainstream media.

Americans are apparently quite proficient at regurgitating the repetitive messages of psychopaths. You can see this on any given day on any social networking site.

People spitting hatred for people they know nothing about, have no inherent curiosity to know anything about, or will likely ever meet face to face.

The media decides what the masses will think about you, or you, or you or him or her or them. Today it's Muslims, but who knows, perhaps tomorrow it will be the Italians we'll be told to hate, or maybe the Episcopalians. One patsy group is just as fair game as another in these dangerous times, and I doubt the psychopaths will lose any sleep over any of it. A patsy is a patsy. Americans never learned the important lessons from the JFK assassination. The drumbeat of death beats on and the wrong groups of people are being made into icons of terror and punished for crimes they never committed.

People are being killed by the dozen just because they exist.

And every night, I'm painfully aware of the gravity of this situation, and of how the continued silence of my own 'countrymen' helps to keep occupation alive, the oppression, genocide, apartheid - the terror - ongoing.

And I bow my head in shame and frustration, anger and sadness because so few people care that there are innocent human beings being profiled, labeled, targeted and terrorized. There are so many children being emotionally and psychologically devastated, severely traumatized, so many being killed for no other reason than that they exist and can be easily killed because the U.S. government can provide the weapons of death and the monies to keep the Death Machine rolling and the body counts high.

And this makes me ashamed to even be called an American.

Blah, blah, blah, we're supposed to be BETTER than this.

Yet, how the hell can this be so when we keep feeding this beast through silence, apathy and the ever-flowing almighty tax dollars funneled to parasitic, terrorist welfare states like 'Israel' and the mass majority of Americans are STILL supporting the political psychopaths orchestrating and perpetrating all the murder and indiscriminate airstrikes on very real human beings so far away.

Why is it we in the West deserve to sleep undisturbed through the night, while somewhere beyond our earshot, out of view, our bombs explode, bursting in air across the same skies we share with those under fire, those who are being 'liberated' through death. Where do we get off denying something as basic as sleep, or water, or medicine, or food, or freedom of movement - to others? We're complicit in human rights violations if we support the psychopaths imposing the inhumane sanctions and implementing psychopathic directives. Who the hell do we think we are?

© Paul-Hansen
Palestinians bury their children that
were murdered by Israeli 'Defence' forces
How can you sleep when people are being picked off systematically because your government sanctions mass murder of innocent civilians and, smiling for the cameras, carries through with mass murder - day after day, month after month, year after year - with U.S. tax dollars and with the blessing of your complicit silence?

You do know you're involved and complicit, don't you? Just because you may not give a damn about what's going on doesn't mean you're not complicit in the crime.

You're an accessory. Your silence is your consent. Sleep on that. Many of you will do just that.

While The Zionist-controlled psychopathic Israeli government is directly spilling blood into the streets of Palestine, courtesy of your tax dollars, the U.S., Israeli and UK governments spill it in other places, other streets, different names and faces and 'theaters', old or young, everybody is fair game, everyone's a target.

An American child loses his life in Boston and everyone cries for this child - me too.

But no tears, no wails of anguish from these same Americans when we turn the mirror toward the occupied lands of the Middle East our government is diabolically and gleefully destroying.

Children arrested and ripped from their homes and families, bombs bursting above their heads, F-16's whizzing across the skies, drone strikes that decimate life after life after life. I don't hear you, Boston. I don't hear much of anything from the peanut gallery that says "We care about the safety and well-being of ALL children, not just American children."

I see no candlelight vigils for the refugee children of Palestine, Yemen and Pakistan, or for the wide-eyed staring children of Syria.

Honestly, how DO you sleep easy at night?

If you can tell me you sleep easily, untroubled by what's going on across the world and beyond your own backyard, then you share something in common with the psychopaths responsible for spilling this ocean of blood.

Jack-booted foot-soldiers of Empire
kick down doors in Iraq and terrorise
women and children
There seems to be so little conscience out there these days.

How's your conscience holding up, assuming you have one?

And know this: As you sleep warm and cozy and so blissfully unaware in your beds, across the world there are so many others who remain wide awake and alert, listening, watching, waiting for bombs to drop and the smoke to clear.

As you sleep undisturbed and without fear, those 'other' human beings you refuse to think or care about are being denied the chance to have even one sweet dream.

Right now, there are untold numbers of innocent people out there who desperately need us to refuse to remain silent any longer.

You need to wake up NOW.

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