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d17 - Occupy New Haven March Against Police Violence

d17 - Occupy New Haven March Against Police Violence

Don’t Be Fooled: The Horrible Anti-Internet Bill Is NOT Being Shelved Until Next Year

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The Anti-Internet Bill has NOT Been Postponed To 2012 … The Committee Members Who Support SOPA Sneakily Changed the Hearing Date to December 21st, Trying to Trick the American People Into Thinking It Was Over Until After the Holidays So We Won’t Fight Back! - Washington Blog

Don’t Be Fooled: The Horrible Anti-Internet Bill Is NOT Being Shelved Until Next Year

News reports initially said that the despicable anti-Internet bill – SOPA – has been delayed until next year. As Huffington Post notes:
After two days of debate, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) abruptly halted a key hearing on the Stop Online Piracy Act, postponing a Committee vote on the bill until 2012. The move marks a win for hordes of internet activists who oppose the bill, but gives lawmakers another opportunity to juice deep-pocketed corporations for campaign contributions.
“This is a huge victory for everyone who uses the Internet — and proof that millions of people speaking out can still make a difference in a Congress usually run by corporate lobbyists,” said Aaron Swartz, co-founder of Reddit and Demand Progress, an organization that has staunchly opposed the bills for months.
“It is good news,” said Sherwin Sie, deputy legal director Public Knowledge, a non-profit group opposing the bill. “The last thing you want is to get something like this rushed through at the last minute while people are trying to do something else. That’s been the message of SOPA opponents throughout. What’s the big rush?”
But Tech Dirt gives the following update:
Update…. Or not. Despite the fact that Congress was supposed to be out of session until the end of January, the Judiciary Committee has just announced plans to come back to continue the markup this coming Wednesday. This is rather unusual and totally unnecessary. But it shows just how desperate Hollywood is to pass this bill as quickly as possible, before the momentum of opposition builds up even further.


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US citizens oblivious to US continued world-wide wars

Dec. 3, 2011: US citizens oblivious to war - RT

Does the average American know more about Lindsay Lohan or The Jersey Shore than the Iraq war? The United States military accounts for nearly half the defense spending in the entire world; it funds two wars along with hundreds of bases tactically positioned worldwide. Author David Vine says the impacts of war and the US military bases abroad are so far removed from US citizens, many times being kept secret, that people don't understand their impact.


Iraq War: The End? Or Is It?

Mike Myers visits Occupy Wall Street

Oct. 7, 2011: Mike Myers visits Occupy Wall Street

Propaganda Alert: US court claims Iranian 9/11 link

US court claims Iranian 9/11 link - RT

A US court has won a default judgement that Iranian officials, including its supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, provided help to the 9/11 hijackers behind the worst terror attack on American soil. The lawsuit was filed by the families of the atrocity's victims. There was no Iranian representation in court. RT talks to Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Center for Research on Globalization.

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NYPD #OWS blues...37 hours in custody. Retinas scanned?

NYPD #OWS blues...37 hours in custody. Retinas scanned? - TheBigPictureRT

John Knefel, independent journalist & co-host of Radio Dispatch joins Thom Hartmann. What's it like being a political prisoner of the United States? Thom gets the inside story of one journalist's harrowing ordeal in police custody alongside Occupy Wall Street patriots.

Comment: The program "Yogi," has been added as this protestor exemplifies this state of awareness. Here are some of the characteristics of the Yogi.

1. The path of the Yogi is the way of knowledge, the way of the mind.
2. He strives to enter the fourth room by means of knowledge, a sort of primer.
3. He knows everything but can do nothing about it until he masters his body and emotions over the first and second rooms.
4.. His vehicle is a place where often few have reached.
5. He has the abiity to learn his teaching methods and apply them in small steps to himself.

Smugglers rumbled with Swastika-clad cocaine

Smugglers rumbled with Swastika-clad cocaine 

Drugs aren't cool, and neither is fascism

Hey, South American cocaine smuggles, here's a thought. Try and disguise your wads of charlie as flour or washing up powder. Do your best to make it look inconspicuous and stuff.

Essentially what we're getting at is it's best not to wrap all of your 204 blocks of 1kg coke in swastikas. This advice comes too late for smugglers in Warnes, Santa Cruz, Bolivia who were rumbled with the freebase as they drove out to a farm to have it cut.

Image: AFP/Getty

Comment: The program "Monk," has been added as this author walked right into it. Here are some of the characteristics of the monk.

1. Its chief thing is faith in god which results in much suggestibility and contradiction.
2. It is a form of absolute obedience to the teacher monk.
3. This results in a poor ability to interpret the word "possibility."
4. He has a tendency to not be aware of the Fakir or the Yogi.
5. He may engage a cloak or name such as "new age," offering no results whatsoever.

Arizona, US: DOJ Uncovers Rampant Lawbreaking By Sheriff Joe Arpaio Despite His Stonewalling

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Arizona, US: DOJ Uncovers Rampant Lawbreaking By Sheriff Joe Arpaio Despite His Stonewalling by Marie Diamond

 Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is unquestionably the most notorious law enforcement official in the country, infamous for his ruthless and illegal treatment of the undocumented immigrants under his charge. He's known for cramming detained immigrants into outdoor "tent cities" he proudly likens to concentration camps, and for parading prisoners around in pink underwear to humiliate them.

When the Justice Department first announced it was investigating Arpaio in 2008 for racial profiling and civil rights violations, Arpaio said "bring it on." But he refused to cooperate with the investigation, stalling the probe for 17 months by withholding records from federal officials.

Moments ago, the Justice Department announced the findings of its three year investigation, concluding that the self-proclaimed "toughest sherrif in America" has indeed committed an extensive array of civil rights violations against Latinos:
The federal government issued a scathing report Thursday that outlines how Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office has committed a wide range of civil rights violations against Latinos, including a pattern of racial profiling and discrimination and carrying out heavy-handed immigration patrols based on racially charged citizen complaints.

The report, obtained by The Associated Press ahead of its release, is a result of the U.S. Justice Department's three-year investigation of Arpaio's office amid complaints of racial profiling and a culture of bias at the agency's top level.

The Justice Department's conclusions in the civil probe mark the federal government's harshest rebuke of a national political fixture who has risen to prominence for his immigration crackdowns and became coveted endorsement among candidates in the GOP presidential field.
In 2010 federal officials filed an unprecedented suit against Arpaio for breaking the law by refusing to turn over extensive records related to booking procedures, inmate interpretation services, and arrests. He also would not give investigators access to his staff or jails. A man who relishes brutally enforcing the law acted as if it did not apply to him.

After officials threatened to withhold millions of dollars in federal funding from Maricopa County, "accusations of mismanagement forced Arpaio to place three top aides on administrative leave, among them former Chief Deputy David Hendershott."

Arpaio has had a breathtaking 2,700 law suits filed against him between 2004 and 2007. In addition to the DOJ, he has been investigated by Congress, the FBI and a Federal Grand Jury for civil rights violations and abuse of power. In no small part because of Arpaio's well-documented targeting of people who look foreign but have committed no crime, the majority of inmates in his jails are Latino males.

While Arpaio pursued an obessive, politically motivated assault on immigrants to enhance his national profile, he routinely failed to investigate more pressing cases of violent crime, including more than 400 sex crimes. He ignored dozens of alleged child molestations with some victims as young as two. Unsurprisingly, many of the children were undocumented immigrants.

Comment: The program "Fakir," has been added as num-nuts fits this profile. Some of the characteristics of the fakir are as follows:

1. If you get to close to one you become one.
2. They are normally called beggars.
3. Most of them die leaving the outer appearance of the monk.
4. His great battle is with the Corporal which may consume him.
5. They have long known to be essentially stressed.

To learn more about etymology in relation to Eastern philosophy, see the monk in Letter M - Demeter (updated*)

Bankers Rule the World: "The Network of Global Corporate Control"

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HLS stated that if you use any of this,
you're a Terrorist???????????????

Bankers Rule the World: "The Network of Global Corporate Control" by Stephen Lendman

Bankers rule the world. A new Swiss Federal Institute of Technology study says so. Written by Stefania Vitali, James Glattfelder and Stefano Battiston, it's titled "The network of global corporate control," saying:

"We find that transnational corporations from a giant bow-tie structure and that a large portion of control flows to a small tightly-knit core of financial institutions. This core can be seen as an economic 'super-entity' that raises new important issues both for researches and policy makers."

The study says 147 powerful companies control an inordinate amount of economic activity - about 40%. Among the top 50, 45 are financial firms. They include Barclays PLC (called most influential), JPMorgan Chase, UBS, and other familiar and less known names.

Twenty-four companies are US-based, followed by eight in Britain, five in France, four in Japan, and Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands with two each. Canada has one.

Moreover, "top ranked" companies "hold a control ten times bigger than what could be expected based on their wealth."

As a result, they have enormous influence over political, financial, and economic activity.

In his book titled, When Corporations Rule the World, David Korten said they're able to transfer enormous amounts of power, wealth and resources from public to private hands with government complicity. Money power and concentrated wealth in few hands especially harm humanity.

"These forces have transformed" financial institutions and other corporate predators "into instruments of a market tyranny that is extending its reach across the planet like a cancer, colonizing ever more of the planet's living spaces, destroying livelihoods, displacing people, rendering democratic institutions impotent, and feeding on life in an insatiable quest for money" and profits as a be and end all.

Only bottom line priorities and market dominance matter, not human welfare, environmental sanity, peace, equity and justice.

Transnational giants are the dominant institution of our time - especially financial ones with money power control of everything.

They decide who governs and how, who serves on courts, what laws are enacted, and whether or not wars are waged. Corporate dominance, especially financial power, and democratic values are incompatible.

They operate ruthlessly as private tyrannies. They're predators. We're prey, and every day we're eaten alive. They do it because they can, and in America by mandate.

Publicly owned US corporations, including financial ones, must serve shareholders by maximizing equity value through higher profits. They do it by exploiting nations, people and resources ruthlessly.

Social responsibility doesn't matter. Neither does being worker-friendly, a good citizen, or friend of the earth. Bottom line priorities alone matter. Failure to pursue fiduciary responsibilities means possible dismissal or shareholder lawsuits.

Yet nothing in America's Constitution or statute laws endow corporations with their rights. They usurped them by co-opting Washington, the nation's courts, state capitals, and city halls.

As a result, over half the world's largest economies are corporations. Financial ones controlling the power of money are most dominant.

Corporate personhood enhanced their power, yet imagine. Although corporations aren't human, they can live forever, change their identity, reside in many places globally, can't be imprisoned for wrongdoing, and can transform themselves into new entities for any reason.

They have the same rights and protections as people without the responsibilities. As a result, they operate freely unrestrained, especially financial giants controlling the power of money at the public's expense.

Beginning in the late 1960s, financialization grew more dominant. Economic control began shifting from industry to finance. Corporations are now seen as bundles of assets, the more liquid the better. A new monopoly finance capitalism developed to exploit it.

FIRE sector (finance, insurance, and real estate) predators capitalized. Casino capitalism gained prominence. Today it thrives. Major players took advantage, profiting hugely from speculation, chicanery and fraud.

A burgeoning financial superstructure gained a life of its own. Today it's omnipotent, especially in America and Europe. Their business model involves grabbing everything that smells money, no matter what harm is caused.

Money doesn't buy everything, but it buys enough influence to matter. The smartest guys in the room take advantage, buying politicians like toothpaste. Democracy's just a figure of speech.

Only wealth and power matter. Enough of them turned financial giants into monsters. Whatever they want, they get, including the right to operate freely outside the law, manipulate markets, bilk investors, strip-mine nations and people for profit, and get bailed out at public expense if overreach.

Under Obama and European leaders, the worst of bad practices flourish. Foxes guard the henhouse. Inmates run the asylum. Regulators don't regulate. Investigations aren't conducted. High-level criminal fraud gets wink and nod approval. Nothing is done to curb it.

Nor do public considerations matter nor is sustained low inflation long-term growth pursued as long as bankers get paid. Today, it's issue one in America and troubled Eurozone countries.

Wall Street dominance matters most in America. In Europe, "Troika" power is omnipotent - the IMF, EU and European Central Bank (ECB). Nations trapped under euro straightjacket rules can't devalue their currencies to be more competitive, monetize debt freely, or legislate fiscal policies to stimulate growth.

Instead, they're entrapped by banker diktats demanding tribute. In other words, financial coup d'etat authority runs sovereign governments. They occupy them rapaciously, making rules, setting terms, issuing demands, and pressuring, bribing or otherwise forcing political leaders to acquiesce. If not, they're replaced.

Working households bear the burden through layoffs, wage and benefit cuts, higher taxes, and other austerity measures to assure bankers are paid.

According to Michael Hudson, the system:
"shift(s) planning power into the hands of high finance on the claim that this is more efficient than public regulation. Government planning and taxation is accused of being 'the road to serfdom,' as if 'free markets' controlled by bankers given leeway to act recklessly is not planned by special interests in ways that are oligarchic, not democratic."

"Governments are told to pay bailout debts taken on not to defend countries in military warfare as in times past, but to benefit the wealthiest layer of the population by shifting its losses onto taxpayers."
As a result, social inequality proliferates. A new Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report discusses the damage over the last three decades among its 34 member states. They include America, Japan, Western Europe, and others.

Titled "Divided We Stand: Why Inequality Keeps Rising," it discusses conditions from the early 1980s until the 2008 global economic crisis. Its impact alone left 200 million workers unemployed compounded by more imposed austerity.

Among OECD countries, the top 10% is nine times better off than the bottom 10%. America, Israel and Turkey are the most unequal industrialized nations at 14 to 1. In Britain, Japan, Italy, and South Korea, the gap is 10 to 1.

Rising inequality also affected "traditionally egalitarian countries" like Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. They went from 5 to 1 in the 1980s to 6 to 1 today. Mexico and Chile are worst off with gaps of 25 to one.

In America, the top 1% controls 20% of all income plus a far greater percent of total assets. Concentrated wealth extremes also affect European countries, following America's pattern.

The report says income inequality "first started to increase in the late 1970s and early 1980s in some English-speaking countries, notably the United Kingdom and the United States, but also in Israel."

Since the late 1980s, it's grown more widespread. At the same time, labor rights were sacrificed to benefit corporate bottom line priorities. In addition, finance capital grew omnipotent. As a result, money power rules everything.

Imposed austerity greatly impacted working households in troubled Eurozone countries and others facing economic hard times. Greece has been especially hammered by repeated layoffs, wage and benefit cuts, as well as higher taxes.

In early December, unelected Prime Minister Lucas Papademos (a former Bank of Greece governor and ECB vice president) force-fed through parliament more austerity cuts. Receiving an eight billion euro loan was conditional on doing so.

As a result, imposed measures include another five billion euros in spending cuts, 3.6 billion in new taxes, pensions cut 15%, and wages slashed more than already. In addition, more ahead is planned.

Papademos said "(t)he financial crisis in our country is not a passing storm....It will take many years" of greater worker sacrifices to assure bankers are paid.

In fact, the more wage, benefit, pension, and other cuts ordinary people bear, the weaker Greece's economy becomes from lost purchasing power with a working population heading toward serfdom in a nation no longer fit to live in.

Millions of Greeks are now impoverished. Unemployment approaches 20%. For youths between 15 and 24, it's nearly 50%. Years more imposed pain is planned to assure bankers are paid. As a result, expect Greece sooner or later to explode.

In addition, the more debt Greece assumes, the less it's able to service it, and faster it heads toward debt peonage. According to Michael Hudson, moreover, "(a) basic mathematical as well as political principle" explains that "(d)ebts that can't be paid, won't be."

In early December, unelected Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti (former EU official installed by Goldman Sachs, known to some as "three-card Monte") introduced his own austerity package.

To service Italy's $1.6 trillion debt, it includes attacking its social security pension system. In retirement, families depend on it. Nonetheless, retirement age eligibility will be raised to 66 from 58 by 2018, inflation-adjusted increases will end, and to qualify fully, workers must contribute from wages for 42 years.

In addition, value-added taxes will increase by 2%, and firing workers will be easier than ever. As in Greece, more cuts are planned, targeting workers to benefit bankers, other corporate favorites, and Italy's super-rich.

Portugal's new austerity cuts will see take-home pay down 27% since 2010. Its 2012 budget reduces spending by 4.4% of GDP by cutting healthcare and other benefits.

It also raises value added and other taxes, extends working days by 30 minutes with no added pay, and eliminates bonuses equal to two months earnings.

These measures follow earlier ones. They included cutting public sector wages 10%, eliminating four holidays, slashing overtime pay 50%, reducing pay for shift work, imposing "time banks" for greater employer flexibility over when employees must work, making firings simpler and cheaper, imposing shorter fixed-term contracts, ending rest breaks, and lowering unemployment benefits.

A Final Comment

Financial tyranny runs America and Europe. As a result, public anger grows.

Can revolutionary sparks be far behind? Expect pain levels eventually to cross thresholds of no return. Anything after that is possible, good or bad.

Hopefully a better world will emerge, free from banker occupation. It's our only chance!

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It's Time to Stop Living The Lie

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It's Time to Stop Living The Lie - American's Journey

We are all human - and therefore imperfect.  Given that I'd say it's tough to pick on any individual for their own personal struggle to maintain their existence in our corrupt society.  After all  - "everybody's doing it" right?

I'm not in agreement with this train of thought - but I can understand it.  Unfortunately this strategy is doomed to failure - almost like a chain letter - with the last leaving the boat holding the bag. 

On a more human level - we adults - thinkers - should take some time for introspection - self-examination - questioning our reason-for-being and the world we intend to leave for the coming generations.

Many of us are living lies.  Fantasies possibly?  Blackmailed existences perhaps?  Clinging to formerly advantageous alliances that have become "ball-and-chain" weights - holding us back - preventing us from escaping the lie we live? 

At what point does an adult face the consequences of their actions?  At what point does an adult take a moment to examine the repercussions of their actions - or inactions?  When will we Americans with the secrets - the information the public needs to face our problems so that we can solve them - at what point do we wake up in the morning and say - I'm finished with this bullshit - I can no longer live this lie.

Perhaps my words make no sense to you - my cherished reader.  Perhaps you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

Murder Incorporated is everywhere - we know that.  But there is strength in numbers - and the wheels of justice - although grinding slowly - do come round.

It is time to stop living the lie.  It is time to think about that moment in the future - perhaps tomorrow - perhaps far off - the moment we will all face - when it is time to meet our maker - when it is time to leave this existence - a time we will all face.

Will you leave this place better than you found it?

Courage is independent of fear.  Courage is marching forward while scared to death.  Maybe my telling you there is really nothing to fear sounds lame - but there really is nothing to fear - since we all must answer to our highest critic - ourselves.

Remember the old saying about asking a question in class - when one raises their hand - they are raising it for the silent majority of the class that lacks the courage to ask the question.

The truth - the whole truth - and nothing but the truth will set us free. 

This Should Be The Last Bill Of Rights Day Until Further Notice

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This Should Be The Last Bill Of Rights Day Until Further Notice

Today is Bill of Rights Day, marking the 220th anniversary of the adoption of the United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights on December 15, 1791.

The Bill of Rights was abolished by the House and Senate passage of the National Defense Authorization Act. As you already know, this eliminates judicial review and restraint so the federal government can now arrest you without a warrant and hold you forever. No judge. No Jury. No Trial. No Rights.

This not only abolishes the first ten Amendments but also repeals the protections of the Magna Carta of 1215 and the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679.

The Magna Carta forced King John of England to accept that his will was not arbitrary. No freeman could be punished except through the law of the land.

The Habeas Corpus Act of 1679 provided for a writ or legal action, through which a prisoner can be released from unlawful detention, that is, detention lacking sufficient cause or evidence. The remedy can be sought by the prisoner or by another person coming to his aid. Thia is from Wikipedia and should be changed to say something like this: in days gone by you could be released from an unlawful detention. In the modern world there are no unlawful detentions.

Congratulations America. You have now been reduced to the level of a 12th century serf.

I propose that we in the Resistance to Tyranny Movement no longer celebrate Constitution Day, Bill of Rights Day and the Fourth of July until our freedoms and our independence are restored.

The one thing I do not understand is this: what were we given for shredding the Constitution, surrendering , the Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus and our Independence?


US: Finding Comfort in Authoritarianism

Obama to fill Gitmo with Americans as NDAA law passes

Indefinite Detention Hurts Our National Security and Increases the Risk of Terrorism

US: Finding Comfort in Authoritarianism

US: Finding Comfort in Authoritarianism by J. G. Vibes

 Between recent legislation like the deceptively named "defense authorization act" and the daily police brutality that is occurring all across the country, things are looking pretty bleak for America and the values that it was apparently founded on.

Anyone who has studied history can see the writing on the wall, and can tell that these developments are eerily similar to actions that were taken by the some of the worst dictators that this world has ever known.

Regimes like Stalinist Russia, Maoist China or Hitler's Germany are among the worst offenders in recent memory, but if you look at their actual policies they aren't very far off from what we're seeing in the West today.

It is very common to offend people when you start comparing our current police state with governments that have been painted in a negative light by mainstream history. I would agree that all of the aforementioned regimes were absolutely horrible, but their transgressions were on par with the native American holocaust and the medieval torture that takes place at Guantanamo bay and many other covert military bases across the planet. This may be a controversial way of looking at things, but if we don't take a comparative look at history then we are inevitably doomed to repeat it.

The people in these countries that supported these regimes were not marching zombies, chanting in unison with swirling blank eyes like you would see in a comic book or cartoon. They were simply people who were manipulated by fear, and constantly lied to by very convincing authority figures who made it seem like they were doing some wonderful things and paving the way for civilization.

Typically, those within an aggressively expanding empire are still thinking in terms of defense, because their leaders have convinced them that outside enemies are a serious threat to their livelihood. Most people living under these conditions typically refuse to believe that their "fair and benevolent leader" is hell-bent on conquest and world domination.

For an authoritarian regime to survive it is necessary for them to convince their citizens that their violence is justified and that they are "the lesser of two evils". For people to accept a life of oppression they must first think that their lives will be far worse without the "protection" their abuser. This is a strong symptom of an unbelievably common condition called Stockholm syndrome, which I covered in a previous article.

During the Second World War, all of Eurasia was drowning in authoritarianism of various shapes and sizes. Both the Soviet and Nazi regimes were responsible for brutally murdering millions of people and maintaining an extremely poor quality of life for those who managed to live. Citizens in each country were told horror stories about one another, which justified the brutality of the homeland police state that they were living under. Surely horror stories weren't hard to come by as each government was guilty of a long list of horrific human rights violations. However, these two governments squabbling over who treated their people better is similar to the Crips having a moral argument with the Bloods about whose neighborhood is the safest. As in every case, the lesser of two evils was still an intolerably evil.

The Germans feared the Russians to death, and the Russians feared the Germans to death, but sadly most of them died at the hands of their own government, not the government that happened to be their "enemy". Today we are living in very much the same situation where people all over the world are terrified of foreign governments, all the while being extorted and oppressed by the government that they have been indoctrinated to worship.

The most cruel and violent dictators throughout history have always been able to convince their people that their depraved behavior was necessary in order to keep the people safe. If a dictator doesn't succeed in this, than he won't last very long as a dictator. This is why Muammar Gaddafi spent a small percentage of his pilfered fortune on multibillion dollar social services, and that is a big part of the reason why he stayed in power so long. This same strategy was used by Al Capone, who set up soup kitchens in the city of Chicago to keep the local townspeople on his side. These are all examples of public relations tactics which were used to create a positive public image for operations that were actually detrimental to those who supported them.

Looking into history can give us a better idea of why the Patriot act and a half-dozen illegal wars have been relentlessly defended and supported by such a large number Americans. Like so many other victims of oppression in the past many of our brothers and sisters are finding comfort in authoritarianism. What we can also learn from history is that this comfort is always short lived, because corruption always grows exponentially with the acquisition of power. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely; this theory is so well tested that it should be considered a law of nature.

Eventually the envelope continues to get pushed until it is no longer possible for the world ignore the injustice that is taking place. This is the good news, because the moment that they get too drunk on power and cross the line is the moment that the sleeping giant of the world's population is awoken -- and that is a force that no tyrant could dream of contending with.

Comment: I've added the program "wormwood," as this may be associated with a better understanding of the created label "Stockholm syndrome." It is a code for the second definition of wood described as a form of mental illness and insanity. This can be correlated to KJV biblical text surprisingly by searching particular program as this at least for me has been one of the only methods I've found to interpret these text properly, and as each program is considered a god amidst an array of deception. This last notion may also contribute to the problem.

The idol (idle) was sacred to the mythological Artemis, a sort of inertial frame without the frame. Follow the link to its description.

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Israeli vs Palestinian Right to Protest

Israeli vs Palestinian Right to Protest - TRNN

Breaking: VT Intel Report

Breaking: VT Intel Report by Gordon Duff

What We Can or Will Tell

Veterans Today is the continual recipient of intelligence, much of which is quite unreportable. 

 There is enough chaos without us making it worse.  Thus, we are censors, though unlike Wikileaks, we don’t take direction from the New York Times or the Israeli ambassador.

Let’s start with Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The US has entered into highly secret and very unorthodox negotiations, with the also very secret approval of General Kayani, with certain political leaders who, quite technically:
  • Don’t run Pakistan
  • Are known to be very opposed to US involvement
Why?  The current government of Pakistan has, how do I say it, disappeared?

The problem there has been corruption.  Several well known families have run Pakistan as a “US ally” for a long time.  Those families have huge estates in Britain and private bank accounts around the world.

The Just Seem to All Take Turns at It
Pakistan’s “mystery man,” Imran Khan, defacto spokesman for the people of Pakistan has been making all this public. He is a very respected, highly educated and very westernized public figure, the most visible and charismatic in the Islamic world.
He is far from “harmless.”  He also has a nasty honest streak and has real leadership ability.
Imran Khan - Moving up Quickly in Pakistan's Polls
Thus, something very strange at the highest levels is going on.


America is responsible for killing 24 Pakistani soldiers last month.  Frankly, the US got suckered into attacking Pakistani military posts by our Afghan allies, who have done this before.

Some truth:  What is being said about the ISI and Pakistan, how they support the Taliban is insane.

Everything we are all told in our papers about Afghanistan and Pakistan is totally backwards.  The two countries hate each other.


Fuel Convoys Can be Easily Attacked with RPGs
The US forces there, because of the problem with Pakistan are under a fuel blockade.  No jet fuel is getting to Afghanistan and America is running out.

The big problem is helicopters which are powered by jet fuel.  We can’t fly enough in to maintain operations, we can’t drive it in because of the blockade and it is vital, even more than food.

Thus, under the table, as it were, the US is “back peddling” and “kissing behind” in Pakistan but thus far it isn’t working.

Within 48 hours something will happen.

What is being demanded?
Certain very unnamed “not so officials” in Pakistan are demanding a reassessment of US policy in Afghanistan toward, not just drone attacks but the political incompetency that has brought the US to alienate and radicalize those in Afghanistan that would have easily been American allies.
Our policies there and in Pakistan have been ignorant beyond measure, influenced by our own political corruption, key officials involved in the drug trade (from several countries) and lack of leadership by both Bush and the Obama administrations.

But, now…things are extremely serious and both the US and Pakistan are paralyzed because the news media in both countries has lied to the public so long that the governments themselves are unable to act without exposing their own corruption and incompetence.


Iran is holding a US drone, 5th generation.  The best explanation as to why they have it is in the article in Veterans Today by Mike Harris.

He is an expert on the technology and has simply put the truth out there.  Believe nothing else.

I have a very friendly relationship with Iran though I am not a big fan of religious government.  I am very published there and on both radio and TV with some regularity.  I have worked to help stabilize relations there, Iran, Israel and the US.

Why did I say this?

I want Iran to return the drone and not turn it over to Russia or China.  This is dangerous technology, destabilizing, and giving it back is the most profitable thing Iran can do.

America spies on Iran.  So what.  People spy.  It is what they do.  Get rid of the drone, make Biden pick it up himself, don’t make it too dramatic and package this so the Iranian people will feel they have won something.

Iran is not so politically stable.  America isn’t either, as the current draconian measures attached to the recent Defense Authorization Act are showing.
The wild rumors, FEMA camps, things like that, that I used to laugh about are no longer funny, especially not when we supposedly have a “liberal” president.


The army and other “agencies” are totally sick of Netanyahu as are many of the people.  Obama hates him as do other leaders except for Merkel.  She loves him.  She is totally nuts, by the way, if you didn’t know.

Read complete report..


Comment: Fear is the mind killer. In our perceived matrix, fear and power become seemingly one, as with energy and its use. From what I can tell you from linguistics, this type of terror is made up as an autoecious cloak of relativity that associates fantasy or phantism in the temple between the eyes.

Local Station Forced to Reveal UFO Being Towed

Dec. 14, 2011: Local Station Forced to Reveal UFO Being Towed

Comment: Doesn't it seem odd that an experiental vehicle from Kansas is being hauled to Maryland and they are having to take down signs and so forth? Notice that the camera man refuses to show a full view of the so-called drone. Why doesn't he just move the damn camera to the right a little bit. hmmm..

Rumi - As a particle of dust

Rumi - As a particle of dust

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Markets of Shame Before The Collapse: Crisis, Crisis, Everywhere

© unknown
Markets of Shame Before The Collapse: Crisis, Crisis, Everywhere by Danny Schechter

Earlier this week, Stephen Colbert announced dramatically that there were important developments underway in Europe that we should know about.

True to form, Colbert’s Report didn’t talk about the big problem. His story, ha ha ha, was about a butter shortage in Norway. Talk about going from the obscure to the ridiculous.

We all know that European countries have been wrestling with what to do about saving the Euro.

There have been warnings of an economic catastrophe if the Euro falls, and its plain that the already shaky American economy will take a big hit if it happens.

The drama in Europe seems to be beyond the ability of both comedy and financial programs to explain. Perhaps it’s more of a divine comedy in the Danteian sense, because we are all perched on the edge of circle of hell that many of us don’t want to wrap our minds around.

While many news outlets prefer to recycle endless soundbites of Gingrich bashing Romney and vice versa, and as American diplomats seem to be cranking up a war against Iran as if that can save the economy the way World War 2 pulled us out of a depression, the world economy is tottering thanks to all the debt American firms sold Europeans who then managed it so stupidly and corruptly.

Now we have Timesman Paul Krugman, for years an economist holding up the liberal middle, finally admitting that nothing is working;

“It’s time to start calling the current situation what it is: a depression. True, it’s not a full replay of the Great Depression, but that’s cold comfort. Unemployment in both America and Europe remains disastrously high. Leaders and institutions are increasingly discredited. And democratic values are under siege.

The Obama Administration, with an election to try to win, is in full panic mode with Tim Geithner hop-scotching all over Europe to try to push Angela Merkel to act, forthwith and with dispatch, to recognize the emergency and pump money at it.

Germany’s conservative Chancellor who was disgusted when given an unwanted back rub by George Bush is resisting the unwanted snow job by Barack Obama who is jumping up and down to push her to play the game of bailout.

The Germans may or may not be right about wanting a longer term solution because they have historic fears of inflation and a return to the wheel barrows of money it took to buy bread after the last depression. They don’t want a new Hitler to emerge either. They know their society better than Americans do.

The US keeps saying, “wrong lesson, wrong lesson.” Remember the thirties, not the twenties, and stop an economic collapse, before it occurs. This very emphasis shows that their fears of a collapse are well advanced.

Berlin, aware of how ineffectual Obama’s “recovery” effort has proven in the US, is not taking his unwanted advice. Many Europeans see the US financial industry as the source of all evil, as, ironically, does Occupy Wall Street, and want to use the crisis to impose restraints on it.

They want strict new budget rules and more “centalization,” (ie German influence.)

Britain’s David Cameron pulled out of negotiations because he opposes a tax on financial transactions, a step that most reformers think is a very good idea.

So, welcome to the Thunderdome of finance. The stalwarts of the status quo don’t want to budge, and only the self-interested define what national interests should be.

Fortunately for them, the German economy is strong and can, in effect, dictate to a divided Europe which lacks the wherewithal to challenge them. France has already buckled, as Sarkozy faces a new electoral challenge to his rule and looks as if he has aged in a month.

So now, its up to “The Markets,’ an elusive instutution, driven, they say, by “animal spirits” or market psychology. Markets don’t like change, especially when it constrains powerful companies but they like instability even less.

Germany is banking that they will ultimately see it’s not in their interest to bring the house down.

Don’t think of markets as beyond manipulation. Moe Saceriby, once a VP at Standard and Poors told me for my film Plunder, “I think we had a transition from what truly was a free- market system to something now that is out of control and probably what I would define as a predatory system, where we are not so much dealing anymore about the notion of fair prices, and the notion of markets that – that work transparently. In fact frequently markets are manipulated for the end of maybe a few out there, a few investors, mega-investors. Even that’s very difficult to tell.”

The Treasury Department operates a shadowy Exchange Stabilization Fund. Reports the libertartian Daily Bell, “Officially in charge of defending the dollar, the ESF is the government agency which controls the New York Fed, runs the CIA's black budget, and is the architect of the world's monetary system (IMF, World Bank, etc).”

Add this to another shadowy entity in Treasury, The Working Group on Financial Markets, better known as the Plunge Protection Unit, that directly intervenes in markets.

It is, as I discuss in my book the Crime of Our Time, a “secret branch of government has a sophisticated war room, using every state of the art technology to monitor markets worldwide. It has emergency powers. It doesn’t keep minutes.”

There is no freedom of information access to its deliberations. There are l47,000 entries in Google on this powerful body, but I could only access ten. The reports on it are sketchy, including one from the Washington Post:
“These quiet meetings of the Working Group are the financial world’s equivalent of the war room. The officials gather regularly to discuss options and review crisis scenarios because they know that the government’s reaction to a crumbling stock market would have a critical impact on investor confidence around the world.”
New York Magazine hinted at a conspiracy, noting many suspect, ‘it’s just a backroom market-rigging cabal for the Establishment. Or, you could think of it as the Wall Street Superfriends, equipped with X-ray vision to see deep into our financial malaise, and magic.”

Is it magic or manipulation? 

Remember this administration claims to worship an unregulated “free market,” and yet, here they are, freely big footing these very same markets.

No doubt there is some connection here to recent reports of Members of Congress tapping secret information to engage in Insider Trading.

Talk about corruption. Its pervasive. The less our compromised media investigates all these wheelers and dealers, the more we will not get at the truth and will soon experience the consequences. And they won’t be pretty!

News Dissector Danny Schechter blogs daily at His film Plunder exposes financial crimes. ( Comments to


Grand Delusion: Resisting the Siren Song of Specialness
US: Republicans Pocketed MF Global Money, Too

do it yourself solar power kits

Grand Delusion: Resisting the Siren Song of Specialness

© Unknown
Grand Delusion: Resisting the Siren Song of Specialness by Chris Floyd

The U.S. presidential campaign is now in full swing. (In truth, it never actually ends; the savage grasping and grappling among damaged souls seeking their brief season of domination and death-dealing goes on daily without respite.) In the months to come, we will be subjected to an ever-growing, ever-roaring flood of rhetoric about the unique, unquestionable, divinely ordained goodness of America. (And how the "other side" would destroy or demean this precious moral specialness.)

This rhetoric will come both from the radical, society-shaking extremists laughingly called "conservatives" in our fun-house political system, and from the reactionary defenders of elite wealth and murderous militarism laughingly known as "progressives." (And, of course, from the well-fed, milky mannered, comfortably numb burghers known as "centrists.")

All Americans are marinated in this mindset from birth, and it is reinforced in them, every day, by the most powerful and pervasive media machinery in history, by enormous societal pressure, and by the dead heavy weight of tradition. Even the most hardened cynics might feel the stirrings of atavastic response to these siren songs woven into the fabric of the American psyche.

In such cases, I recommend a reading of the following two articles. They will help remind you of the reality being cloaked by the psyche-stirring, button-pushing bullshit of the grasping wretches seeking power.

First, a remarkable piece, in the London Review of Books detailing the personal testimony of a child -- a child -- sold into years of captivity and torture at the hands of the proud, always-to-be-honored defenders of American values. It's the story of Mohammed el Gorani, a Saudi-born teenager from Chad, whose black skin made him a special target for his captors in the gulag hellholes of Kandahar and Guantanamo.

Blocked from acquiring professional training or higher education by the virulent prejudice in America's stalwart ally, at age 14 el Gorani [went] to Pakistan to learn computer skills and English. Two months into his course, he was grabbed by Pakistani security goons and bundled off to their American masters, eager for warm bodies to fill the new gulag:
They took me to a prison, and they started questioning me about al-Qaida and the Talibans. I had never heard those words. 'What are you talking about?' I said. 'Listen, Americans are going to interrogate you. Just say you're from al-Qaida, you went with al-Qaida in Afghanistan, and they'll send you home with some money.' ... One Pakistani officer was a good guy. He said: 'The Pakistani government just want to sell you to the Americans.' ... The Pakistanis took away our chains and gave us handcuffs 'made in the USA'. I told the other detainees: 'Look, we're going to the US!' I thought the Americans would understand that the Pakistanis had cheated them, and send me back to Saudi.

... When they took off our masks, we were at an airport, with big helicopters. Americans shouted: 'You're under arrest, UNDER CUSTODY OF THE US ARMY! DON'T TALK, DON'T MOVE OR WE'LL SHOOT YOU!' An interpreter was translating into Arabic. Then they started beating us - I couldn't see with what but something hard. People were bleeding and crying. We had almost passed out when they put us in a helicopter.

We landed at another airstrip. It was night. Americans shouted: 'Terrorists, criminals, we're going to kill you!' Two soldiers took me by my arms and started running. My legs were dragging on the ground. They were laughing, telling me: 'Fucking nigger!' I didn't know what that meant, I learned it later. ... There was an Egyptian (I recognised his Arabic) wearing a US uniform. He started by asking me: 'When was the last time you saw Osama bin Laden?' 'Who?' He took me by my shirt collar and they beat me again. ...

One day they started moving prisoners again. 'You guys are going to a place where there is no sun, no moon, no freedom, and you're going to live there for ever,' the guards told us, and laughed. ... In the beginning there were interrogations every night. They tortured me with electricity, mostly on the toes. The nails of my big toes fell off. Sometimes they hung you up like a chicken and hit your back. Sometimes they chained you, with your head on the ground. You couldn't move for 16 or 17 hours. You peed on yourself.'

... Sometimes they showed you the ugly face: torturing, torturing without asking questions. Sometimes I said, 'Yes, whatever you ask, I'll say yes,' because I just wanted torture to stop. But the next day, I said: 'No, I said yes yesterday because of torture.' My first or second interrogator said to me: 'Mohammed, I know you're innocent but I'm doing my job. I have children to feed. I don't want to lose my job.'

'This is no job,' I said, 'this is criminal. Sooner or later you're going to pay for this. Even in afterlife.'

'I'm a machine - I ask you the questions they told me to ask, I bring them your answers. Whatever they are, I don't care.'
Mohammed el Gorani spent almost eight years in Guantanamo. His captors knew very early on that he was an innocent child, not a terrorist. The one piece of "evidence" they showed him was a paper "proving" he had been involved with al Qaeda in London -- in 1993, when he had been a six-year-old boy cleaning car windshields in Saudi Arabia. But what did that matter? His captors were "machines": they were just following orders, just doing their jobs -- just like every factotum of every brutal system in history.

Oh, but those are the bad old days, some might say. (Despite the fact that the Guantanamo gulag is still operating, alongside other similar facilities -- known and unknown -- around the world.) Today, we're told, we are lucky to be ruled by a kinder, wiser, more humane leader. Sure, he's not perfect -- who is? And OK, maybe, in the end, he's the lesser of two evils. But certainly any serious, savvy person knows there is a profound, qualitative difference between Barack Obama and his predecessor -- and those who would supplant him. Right?

For those whose partisan atavism -- or nostalgia -- might be stirred by such arguments, I urge you to read this piercing and powerful essay by Arthur Silber. It is one of the best summations of the moral horror that permeates our political system -- and the wretched grasper now in charge of it -- that I've ever seen. Here are a few excerpts, but don't cheat yourself: go read the entire piece:

The killer said:
"Ask Osama bin Laden and the 22 out of 30 top al-Qaeda leaders who've been taken off the field whether I engage in appeasement," the president fired back at an impromptu news conference at the White House.

"Or whoever's left out there," he added. "Ask them about that."
Watch the video at the link provided above. It's instructive, particularly Obama's expression when he adds, "Or whoever's left out there." He speaks of murder, yet the words are breezy and casual: this is a murderer so used to killing that he talks of his past and future victims interchangeably, and in terms of approximation. Just "whoever's left out there." He wants to be sure you know he'll order all of them killed in time. His face is expressionless, the eyes dead. This is a man without a soul in any healthy, positive sense. He murders -- and he's proud of it.

More than a million innocent Iraqis were murdered as the result of the United States' criminal war of aggression on that country. Obama has heralded America's "success" in Iraq as "an extraordinary achievement."

The continuing murders in Pakistan and Afghanistan are so numerous and so regular that they barely merit notice for more than a few days, at least as far as the United States government and most Americans are concerned. Over the recent Thanksgiving weekend, the United States government murdered at least 25 Pakistanis .... On the same weekend: "Six children were among seven civilians killed in a NATO airstrike in southern Afghanistan, Afghan officials said Thursday." The story has already fallen into the well of forgetfulness. It must be the case that incidents like this occur at least once a day given the number of military operations ordered by the Murderer-in-Chief and carried out by those who follow his orders. ...

These are only a few of the stories we know about, and only from a very brief period of time. Countless other murders take place all over the world, and we can only gather the dim outlines of what is occurring. This is not to mention numerous lesser acts of cruelty and violence, many of which will alter lives in searing ways, for all the desolate years to follow.

Consider this passage from Nick Turse:
... Last year, Karen DeYoung and Greg Jaffe of the Washington Post reported that U.S. Special Operations forces were deployed in 75 countries, up from 60 at the end of the Bush presidency. By the end of this year, U.S. Special Operations Command [SOCOM] spokesman Colonel Tim Nye told me, that number will likely reach 120. "We do a lot of traveling -- a lot more than Afghanistan or Iraq," he said recently. This global presence -- in about 60% of the world's nations and far larger than previously acknowledged -- provides striking new evidence of a rising clandestine Pentagon power elite waging a secret war in all corners of the world.

...In 120 countries across the globe, troops from Special Operations Command carry out their secret war of high-profile assassinations, low-level targeted killings, capture/kidnap operations, kick-down-the-door night raids, joint operations with foreign forces, and training missions with indigenous partners as part of a shadowy conflict unknown to most Americans. Once "special" for being small, lean, outsider outfits, today they are special for their power, access, influence, and aura.

No minimally decent human being would choose to have anything whatsoever to do with a government which systematically engages in acts of this kind. This is true of anyone who is part of the national governing apparatus, or wishes to be. It is most especially true of anyone who wishes to become president.

... [A] reverence for life demands that we see the Death State exactly for what it is -- and walk away to the fullest extent we can. That is not the course Barack Obama chose. He wanted to be, he now is the Murderer-in-Chief. He is proud of his achievement.
Silber concludes with a look back to a post he wrote five years ago -- a piece even more true today, and one which shows the horrific continuity between the "bad old days" and our enlightened, peace-laureled progressive era:
If you have ever wondered how a serial murderer -- a murderer who is sane and fully aware of the acts he has committed -- can remain steadfastly convinced of his own moral superiority and show not even the slightest glimmer of remorse, you should not wonder any longer.

The United States government is such a murderer. It conducts its murders in full view of the entire world. It even boasts of them. Our government, and all our leading commentators, still maintain that the end justifies the means -- and that even the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocents is of no moral consequence, provided a sufficient number of people can delude themselves into believing the final result is a "success."

...We can appeal all we want to "American exceptionalism," but any "exceptionalism" that remains ours is that of a mass murderer without a soul, and without a conscience. ... It is useless to appeal to any "American" sense of morality: we have none. It does not matter how immense the pile of corpses grows: we will not surrender or even question our delusion that we are right, and that nothing we do can be profoundly, unforgivably wrong.

COINTELPRO: America's dirty war

Oct. 28, 2010: COINTEL PRO: America's dirty war - RT


US: 2 students shot, wounded at Texas middle school

American Awakening to 'disrupt the US economic machine'-News Analysis-12-12-2011

American Awakening to 'disrupt the US economic machine'-News Analysis-12-12-2011

Occupy protesters in the US have attempted to blockade ports across the west coast to shot down Wall Streets on the waterfalls.

This edition of News Analysis asks how the Occupy Movement is advancing and what it means for the future of America.

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Time to Wake Up! 9/11 Truth Versus The BBC

Nov. 27, 2011: 9/11 Truth Versus The BBC

Comment: Accountability seems to be a primary mechanism used against the will of the people in every currency bound nation, and to get away with murder for profits.

Fukushima: The Real Cause of Nuclear Crisis


Dec. 12, 2011: Consensus 9/11: Challenging the Official Story

SOPA Is “Unconstitutional”, Would “Criminalize” the Internet, China Is the Model

SOPA Is “Unconstitutional”, Would “Criminalize” the Internet, China Is the Model - Washington Blog

Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe is one of the top constitutional experts in the country, and wrote one of the main treatises on the subject. Tribe wrote a letter to Congress last week explaining that SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act) is unconstitutional.
As the Hill notes:
Laurence Tribe, a constitutional law expert at Harvard Law School, argues the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) violates the First Amendment in a memo sent to members of Congress on Thursday.

The bill would empower the Justice Department and copyright holders to demand that search engines, Internet providers and payment processors cut ties with websites “dedicated” to copyright infringement.

Tribe argues the bill amounts to illegal “prior restraint” because it would suppress speech without a judicial hearing.

Additionally, the law’s definition of a rogue website is unconstitutionally vague, Tribe writes.

“Conceivably, an entire website containing tens of thousands of pages could be targeted if only a single page were accused of infringement,” Tribe writes. “Such an approach would create severe practical problems for sites with substantial user-generated content, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and for blogs that allow users to post videos, photos, and other materials.”
Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that the bill would criminalize the Internet:
An online piracy bill in the House would “criminalize linking and the fundamental structure of the Internet itself,” according to Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt.
Schmidt said the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) would punish Web firms, including search engines, that link to foreign websites dedicated to online piracy. He said implementing the bill as written would effectively break the Internet.
“By criminalizing links, what these bills do is they force you to take content off the Internet,” Schmidt said, calling it a form of censorship.
He compared the proposal to the Web censorship practiced by repressive foreign governments like China and doubled down on that comparison when speaking with reporters after his remarks at the Economic Club of Washington.
Indeed, China is exactly what the bill is modeled on:
If you’re wondering why lawyers and Hollywood folks would get behind legislation to censor the Internet, you only need to listen to former Senator Chris Dodd [the same guy who killed any chance of financial reform - see this, this, this and this], now the head of the MPAA, who last week explained to Variety that the lobby is only asking for the same kind of power to censor the Internet as the government has in the People’s Republic of China:
“When the Chinese told Google that they had to block sites or they couldn’t do [business] in their country, they managed to figure out how to block sites.”
Even in China they are calling it the “Great Firewall of America.” At least the Chinese are enjoying the irony of the U.S. government moving toward a legal regime that would give it carte blanche to seize and take down websites on the basis of “infringement.” Tech Dirt, the site that reported on the above domain seizure, quotes one Chinese blogger on Sina Weibo subversively commenting on the progress of SOPA and PIPA [the Protect IP Act - which is the Senate version of SOPA]  in Congress:
It looks like that we can finally export our technology and value to the Americans. We’re strong, advanced, and absolutely right!
Given that Joe Lieberman said that America needs an internet kill switch like China, that the U.S. economy has turned socialist (at least for those favored by the party leaders), and that the U.S. government used communist torture techniques specifically designed to produce false confessions, I guess that this is not entirely surprising.

Alan Watts - Space Undefined

Alan Watts - Space Undefined

HOUSTON Police Place Tent Over Restrained Protesters and Gas Them.flv

HOUSTON Police Place Tent Over Restrained Protesters and Gas Them.flv


You Can't Solve Problems with the Same Level of Consciousness that Created Them

Comment: This may seem ironic, but that is exactly the point. To obtain habeus corpus we also commit to the judge who oversees oz, and the wicked witches. Understanding the damage

BREAKING NEWS - Occupy Oakland Protesters Shut Down Port Of Oakland

BREAKING NEWS - Occupy Oakland Protesters Shut Down Port Of Oakland

Comment: Listen at the end of the video, the Oakland mayor refers to her matrix, or rather the nexus.

Here's the story of the star-spangled money tour.

BREAKING: US Troops Deploying on Jordan-Syria Border

BREAKING: US Troops Deploying on Jordan-Syria Border - Boiling Frogs Post

According to first-hand accounts and reports provided to Boiling Frogs Post by several sources in Jordan, during the last few hours foreign military groups, estimated at hundreds of individuals, began to spread near the villages of the north-Jordan city of "Al-Mafraq", which is adjacent to the Jordanian and Syrian border.

According to one Jordanian military officer who asked to remain anonymous, hundreds of soldiers who speak languages ​other than Arabic were seen during the past two days in those areas moving back and forth in military vehicles between the King Hussein Air Base of al-Mafraq (10 km from the Syrian border), and the vicinity of Jordanian villages adjacent to the Syrian border, such as village Albaej (5 km from the border), the area around the dam of Sarhan, the villages of Zubaydiah and al-Nahdah adjacent to the Syrian border.


Comment: This may be a good time to reminiscence about the sacred "as above, so below." and what to make of it.

Here is some of the mythology that shows a film at the end that explains more.

Double Vendetta — The Insanity of the Iran Confrontation

Double Vendetta — The Insanity of the Iran Confrontation

How long can we allow the maniacs who are driving us to the brink of World War Three to stay in power? We'd better do something soon, or we will all be done for.

My special thanks to Gilad Atzmon, whose reading of the "Israeli Peace Manifesto" helps to point up the gulf between what they say and what they do. The original text can be found at: Gilad's rather more honest writing can be found at: He's a pretty cool saxophone player, too.

Any copyrighted material in this video has been used in the interests of the survival of humanity, and anyone who objects to its use is one sick individual. We have allowed the sociopaths with their wealth, greed and selfishness to rule us for too long, only by making an effort, ourselves, will anything ever change.

My thanks to those whose videos and still pictures have made my job just a little bit easier in trying to persuade people that all is not as it seems to be: To wwwcelticvideocom for the clips from the video " IDF Israeli soldiers beat local and international protesters" at where you will find information about purchasing the full video.

Other links:
Israeli Nuclear Weapons estimates:

Vet Says Soldiers Are Starting to Wake Up to Gov't Lies

Vet Says Soldiers Are Starting to Wake Up to Gov't Lies

The Veteran knows what is happening to America, and the battle is being set. Please share this with others.


The Spirit of Revolution

"The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object." -- Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

Occupy Alert: Occupy WallStreet EXPOSED.

Oct. 3, 2011: Occupy WallStreet EXPOSED.

This Youtuber has found something everyone should see. Watch near the end as he reveals a staged event and provides significant proof that the NYPD is in the video making business as a form of PROPAGANDA. Please share this with everyone.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Alan Watts On God Is Now On The Present Moment

June 6, 2011: Alan Watts On God Is Now On The Present Moment

Comment: Retrocognition is neither cognitive dissonance nor cognitive resonance, which are simply the switching of relative theory and mechanics. I seem to sense these as becoming the machine and the fire within which has begotten the quake of illusion, that is to say, personality is now a machine and essence is a weapon pointed at you.

The story around the word "retro," is interesting. In essence as in the Tao (dow), it is seemingly a republic as part of its root re-, retroactive is built up as the secret agent, ag-, retrocede gives us life itself, ked-, and retrograde is that feeling that we're in the abyss, ghredh-. We find that the past speaks (retrospect) and that it is seems weird (retrorse) as though proving it becomes seemingly impossible without the trail.

Retrocognition therefore is that which is everything and is a state of awareness of the closeness of relationships not necessarily bound to the meaning of words, but to time and space where morals cannot define death.